Buy tokens

Here you can buy MS token

Please follow this procedure:

  1. Send eth to our company address: 0xAbe0a85850099D639B68d3b04C4E091918b9271e Please don’t use an exchange account, use a private wallet that supports erc20.
  2. Register yourself in the apposite dashboard on this link ->
  3. Insert your ERC20 address from where you sent eth
  4. Proceed with the KYC in the apposite from
  5. Wait until end of ICO to receive your MS token
  6. Register yourself on Telegram channel to stay tuned!

It is the sole responsibility and responsibility of the purchaser, who intends to participate in the ICO and purchase the MS tokens, to check whether this activity is permitted by law in his / her country of residence / provenance. The company assumes no responsibility in this regard.